Visiting NRI

An NRI on a vacation to India is pressed on time and has a lot on his/her agenda like planning a religious trip, organizing a party/function, buying a property, shopping and even simple things like acquiring a cellphone/ simcard can be a time consuming process.

Your Reliable buddy will help you plan your trip ahead of time and ensure everything is organized from the day of your arrival in India to the day you leave . We offer you the following services that can save you a lot of time and effort. Rest assured you will feel accomplished and a holiday well spent.

We are not limited to these set of services and if you have any special request we can certainly customized your package as per your requirements. Please contact your buddy for more details.

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Your reliable buddy will contact you and discuss the various payment options available. Please send us your information through "Yes, I am interested" tab detailing the relevant service that you are seeking.