Other services


Yelelo can obtain copies of any type of certificate ( For eg: college, birth, marriage ) and government related documents for a client and his/her immediate family.

The Service charge various depending on the hometown of the client.

The Pricing starts at Rs.4000.00 (Inclusive of tax)
(excludes vendor fees, application fee and charges associated with other approvals related to obtaining the certificate)

Banking and Investments

Yelelo offers you advise and help in the areas of opening an account, closing an account, demat accounts, investments, co-ordinate with the banks for any of your request, follow up and update you constantly.

Organize an Event

Birthday parties, get togethers and business events can be planned, co-ordinated and executed in am efficient and professional way.

We help in choosing an appropriate venue, invitations, set up, catering and entertainment.

Wedding planner

The event is event whether it is big or small; it requires a professional to manage.The wedding event is no more a home manageable affairs where one requires the different service providers to be contacted and negotiated. We at yelelo will take the responsibility from A-Z in such a manner where you need not worry for anything and we make you feel relax and enjoy your celebration as never before.

Send a Gift

If you have a friend/family in India and you would like to surprise them with something special for an occasion, Yelelo can help you with that. We have a collection of unique gifts that you can choose from and we will deliver it to your choice of location with a personalized message from you.

Service charges will vary depending on the location. Please contact us to get more information.
Depending on the location and availability of the gift of your request the timeframe of delivery will also vary. So please contact us atleast a week before the special day.

Organize Dance/Music performance

If you are interested in showcasing your talent or your children's talent in classical dance, carnatic music or any instrumental performances we can help you to organize an event in the cities that we operate.

Contact us well in advance as such performances need reservation of theater/academy/hall of your choice.

Plan religious trips

India "The Land of Wonders" could also be explained to the outer world as "The Land of God & Goddess". With lots of Religion. We at yelelo will plan your religious trip and arrange special dharsans to your desired places. Our plan will include accommodation, travel, tickets etc.,

Insurance advise

Getting an insurance policy can be a daunting task, made even more difficult by the great variety of types of health insurance coverages that are available in India.Your reliable buddy will help you in getting an right insurance with hassle free services.

Vacation Planner

When you are visiting India we can plan your entire trip or just a short trip to any of the destinations in India for a vacation. The package will include ticket reservation (plane, train or bus), accommodation, local transportation and can be customized as per client requirement.


We help you in getting tickets for movies and sporting events. We also organize your dinning in your desired destination.